About Us


About two and a half years ago, my brother Joseph and I were talking late one night about starting a business venture together. At the time I had recently just got out of the Army and my brother was taking college courses part-time. We both yearned for something that combined our love for the area that we call home and for something that defined us; something that we could believe in and that we could put our hearts and souls into. My brother said, “let's start an apparel business.” At first, I thought he was crazy. How could we get into one of the most competitive industries? But the more I thought about it, the more excited I became about the idea! The question then turned from how could we enter into such a vast industry to, how can we set ourselves apart?

We started by looking at the brands that we wore day in, day out and began to pick them apart. What did we like about different products? Or more importantly, what made us want to support that company? After months of scrutiny, we finally realized what was important to us. We desired to create a brand which produced quality goods that were locally inspired and always made in the USA. We first started with a simple piece, a staple in our own wardrobe, the t-shirt. We were unable to find a t-shirt, that in our opinion, met our strict criteria. We proceeded to design and create a t-shirt that showcased the beauty of the local area while following our guiding principals. The result was our first creation, "The River T-shirt."

Ammonoosuc Goods officially started in December of 2018. The named stemmed from the river that flows from the northern end of the great state of New Hampshire through our home town of Woodsville. Ammonoosuc (Am-mo-new-suc) is an Abenaki word meaning small, narrow fishing place. Seemed fitting because just as the river provided support to locals throughout New Hampshire back in the day; our company aims to source the materials for our products locally and support local businesses throughout our production process.

Our logo draws inspiration from the oldest covered bridge in America. The bridge connects the towns of Bath and Woodsville New Hampshire. This allowed people to cross over the Ammonoosuc River, that would otherwise be treacherous. As this bridge has stood the test of time, our company aspires to create a lasting impression on this area.

Though we might still be a young company, we truly believe that what sets our company apart from the rest of the apparel industry and what helps us produce the highest quality products for our customers are our company beliefs. Those being…

#1 - Our goods are made in the USA. To us, this is the most important part. We are not the kind of people that believe America is the end all be all, but we do believe in supporting those who earn a fair wage and work sweatshop free.

#2 - We want to create quality goods. The kind of goods that last and are timeless. You know the kind of item you found in your grandpa’s closet that you cannot wait to inherit someday.

#3 - Local comes first. We get most of our inspiration from the area we know best. The area we both grew up in and still choose to call home. That’s why we prefer to source our items locally.

Co-founder of Ammonoosuc Goods