The Twin States Sticker
The Twin States Sticker

The Twin States Sticker

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The Twin States design started life as an idea to properly represent our primary inspiration for the brand. That being the multiple covered bridges in our area and the key inspiration for Ammonoosuc Goods. We also requested that the design honor the time-tested bond between the State of New Hampshire and Vermont. For those that are not from the area, the jaunt to Vermont is similar to a drive to a neighboring town. Communities on both sides of the Connecticut River share many values and ideals.

In designing this piece we worked with Nick Stroia of Buffalo Nickle Co. Nick is a fantastic artist that had just the right amount of flair that we were looking for. Without further ado the Twin States Design in the form of a durable vinyl sticker.

Just like an old covered bridge, sturdy, built to last, and rooted in the community we call home, our products are made in the USA to stand the test of time. They are local and always inspired by New England.

Our go anywhere and do anything sticker featuring our "Twin States" design. Made of durable vinyl that will keep the sticker looking good, no matter where you put it. The weatherproof design makes the sticker perfect for use on the outside of cars and is even dishwasher safe. Add one to your order to show the world what brand you support. As always our products are Made in the USA!


  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Printed on thick, scratch-resistant vinyl
  • 4x3 inches
  • Printed in the USA!