Working with a Mainer - "The Sunset T-Shirt"

 Mt Abraham Kingsfield Maine

For our second collaborative t-shirt, we sought inspiration from the great state of Maine, our neighbors to the East. During the hunt for what we consider to be the perfect image that represents summer, we found Ethan Eisenhaur. Ethan is a Mainer and like most of his breed, he enjoys the outdoors. So much so that he wanted to share his passion through photography. Ethan can be found sharing epic photos of the outdoors on his Instagram page HERE.

The image we chose to use is of Mt. Abraham in Kingfield, Maine. This eye-catching landscape depicts the perfect summer sunset, with rich captivating colors over a dark chiseled ridge line. This simple, yet detailed image is an ideal representation of summer. Naturally dubbed “The Sunset T-Shirt.”

The Sunset Tee Ammonoosuc Goods
We interviewed Ethan to get a better idea of the personality behind an outdoor photographer from Maine.


Are you a Maine Native?

“Yes I am, grew up in Madrid just south of Rangeley.” - Ethan


Why do you like New England, specifically Maine?

“I have always enjoyed the outdoors, my family has always been very outdoorsy, from camping to looking for shed moose antlers. Maine is the perfect place to be outside and get away from the busy world.”


What got you into photography?

“I was heavy into snowboarding as a teen and started taking photos for that, I took a little break in college, once I graduated I got back into it as a hobby to keep myself busy really.”


Where do you get inspiration for your shots?

“For my drone shots I really just scroll thru google earth to see if I can see any unique and interesting things and go from there. For everything else, I just like to share my perspective of things I see.” 

What are your goals related to photography?

“My goals are to just have fun, it's a hobby for me so if I make it work it won't be as enjoyable. Just want to keep sharing my adventure and how I view those adventures on this crazy ride called life!"


With another shirt now completed and for sale on our website, we don't plan on taking a snooze anytime soon. We are already on the hunt for our next design that shows another spectacular angle of northern New England. If anyone is interested in being apart our vision email us at for submissions.


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