Vermont Flannel Company Fitted Flannel

Vermont Flannel Company Fitted Flannel under covered Bridge 

Best described as my go-to flannel. This piece is incredibly versatile. It’s the perfect weight to wear for fall or spring by itself, but adaptable enough to layer with, in the coldest days of winter. Made of 100% cotton that has been double-brushed for an insanely soft feel. These shirts truly feel better as they are broken in and worn. Created with tightly woven dyed yarn that maintains its color and minimizes shrinkage.

Vermont Flannel Company Fitted Flannel flat lay

Between my brother and I, we have three of the Vermont Flannel Company fitted flannels. With a sample size of three, we are able to get a pretty good understanding of how the lot should fit. First off we chose the fitted variety for a more true to size fit. This option features a single breast pocket with a button closure. I am 5 feet 6 inches, 170 pounds and wear a size small. My brother is 5 feet 3 inches 180 pounds and wears a medium. I generally prefer a more trim fit in my clothing.

Vermont Flannel Company Fitted Flannel under covered Bridge

My first interaction with Vermont Flannel was the Christmas of 2017. My mother decided to get my brother and I Vermont Flannels for a gift as we had just begun to get into USA made clothing. This quickly turned into a near obsession but that’s a story for another time. Mine is in the Black Watch colorway and my brother's are in Blue Grass and Gray Buffalo. These button downs retail for $58.80 on their website and in my opinion, this is a solid buy. These shirts are truly my go-to flannel.

No product is perfect but these flannels do come close. My only gripe with these shirts is the buttons and the size of the button holes. As I wear these shirts throughout the day I occasionally notice that one of the buttons comes undone. This is not a big deal but seems like it could be fixed easily by increasing the size of the buttons or decreasing the button hole size. 

Vermont Flannel Company Fitted Flannel flat lay

Vermont Flannel Company has been handcrafting their flannels in the USA since 1991 in Vermont. If you have a few minutes check out their story video HERE. The company was founded by Mark and Linda Baker and is still owned and operated by them. For 27 years this family has been committed to bringing quality, comfortable, and cozy USA made flannels to everyone. Mark said it best, “we are starting to build fanatic, flannel, followers.” From us here at Ammonoosuc Goods, Mark you have two more followers.



Co-owner of Ammonoosuc Goods 


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