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The River T-Shirt | Ammonoosuc Goods

When my brother, Joseph and I started Ammonoosuc Goods we didn’t want to be another company that sold cheesy t-shirts and hats you could find at a tourist shop. We wanted to create products that we ourselves liked and that engaged a community of like-minded individuals. We truly appreciate the beauty of the area that we call home. Striving to find a way to bring this passion to others we designed “The River T-Shirt.” In part with Frank Siteman, the man that captured the image we chose for our first design. Defined by our strong principle of a local community we sourced a local image from a local artist.

Ammonoosuc River scene photo edited

The River T-Shirt is a one of a kind design. It depicts the Ammonoosuc River in all its glory, flowing between great pine trees, under a battling sky of clouds and sunlight. Sourcing this image was no easy task as we had to convince an artist of the vision that we saw with their specific image. Frank believed in our vision and decided to give us a shot. Now with the image in our possession, we headed to the doorstep of the local print shop.

Green Mountain Monogram was the next huddle in our journey to complete the design. With the help of the supportive Staff and talented graphic designers, our vision quickly became a reality. Our imagination led GMM to break ground for their facility. This was the first time that this print shop had taken a photograph, digitally rendered it, and then produced a wearable tee shirt. An example of the finished product now hangs on GMM’s T-shirt “wall of fame.”

The River T-Shirt | Ammonoosuc Goods

With this shirt now completed and for sale on our website, we don't plan on taking a nap anytime soon. We are already on the hunt for our next design that shows another spectacular angle of northern New England. If anyone is interested in being apart our vision email us at ammonoosucgoods@gmail.com for submissions. As always thank you for the support.


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