How to Care for a Screen Printed T-Shirt

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Here’s the situation; you just purchased a high quality, screen-printed t-shirt and you want the graphic to stay vibrant as long as possible. We understand, you just want to protect your investment. In the following article, we will layout a few tips and tricks on how to properly care for your recent purchase. 

Fortunately, if you purchased a t-shirt from us you are already a step above the rest. We start with a high quality, usually 100% cotton t-shirt that is made in the USA. Next, we take these shirts to Green Mountain Monogram, who uses state of the art screen printing equipment with decades of experience. We have dozens of washes between our personal collection of tees without any cracking! 

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We do not baby our shirts here at Ammonoosuc Goods but if you are looking for best practices, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Wash In Cold Water

The most important tip is to wash your t-shirts in cold water. Cold water is gentle on clothing as compared to hot or warm water. This will help to prevent fading, clean your clothes, and prevent shrinkage.

Limit Bleach and Strong Detergents

For detergent, we recommend something like Simple Green or Woolite. These products are easy on clothing and will help keep the colors looking new. For stains use a light stain remover and remove bleach from your arsenal.

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Wash Inside-Out

Before your t-shirt comes into contact with the washer, put it inside out. This will protect your graphic from wearing out as fast. Abrasion from the washer and other clothes will wear down the ink. If possible limit the number of times you wash your shirt between wears.

Do Not Expose to High Heat

For best practices, hang drying your t-shirt will produce the best results. If you don’t have time to wait, use the lowest heat option on your dryer. If you plan on ironing your shirt, put it inside out first to protect the design.

Wash With Like Items

Worst case scenario, your white shirt becomes pink from a red sock. Most people know to wash like colors in the same load. What fewer people know is that washing similar textured fabrics together prolongs the life of your clothes, or in this case the graphic on your t-shirt. Denim, for example, can act as a piece of sandpaper against your screen printed tee. 


To prolong the life of your graphic tee, use the best case practices laid out above. If you are anything like us you enjoy simplicity over complexity. In this case, just wear your shirt often and wash it whenever you want. Especially if you are representing Ammonoosuc Goods. We already have your back with a shirt made for your lifestyle.



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