Characteristics of Cotton T-Shirts

Cotton plant in field


Cotton is the most used fiber in the United States and chances are it fills your drawers and closets. This natural material is the primary fiber in most jeans, t-shirts, hats, and undergarments. Despite the adage “cotton kills,” it has many benefits. Although nothing is perfect, here is why we still choose to work with it. 


Cooling Properties


Cotton fabrics allow your body to breath and stay dry even in warmer climates. This ability helps your body stay cool in a situation that you may sweat in. Cotton has the ability to absorb moisture and keep you comfortable throughout the day. Cotton fibers keep the fabric away from your skin creating airflow between your body and the garment. This effect helps with thermoregulating properties between your body and the fabric. Compared to synthetic blends, cotton will stay fresh and smell clean throughout the day. 


Soft to the touch


This is the number one praise we get on our t-shirts. Everyone that comes into contact with our product says how soft they feel. Cotton continues to remain soft wash after wash. This adds to the versatility of the fabric, allowing for opportunities to layer. This is one of the many reasons t-shirts and undergarments are generally made of cotton. 




Cotton is a strong fiber and surprisingly stronger when wet. This attribute makes the fabric easy to care for. Cotton can survive frequent washing, strong detergents, and can be ironed time and time again. Cotton can be woven in a variety of ways that can increase the strength of the fabric and keep you the proper temperature no matter the season. 




Cotton rarely causes an allergic reaction and does not generally irritate the skin. This is what makes cotton perfect for people with sensitive skin. The fibers themselves are spun tightly to reduce irritation and static electricity. Additionally cotton does not contain chemicals compared to man-made fibers. 




As stated earlier, not everything is perfect and cotton is no exception to the rule. 100% cotton garments are notorious for shrinking, especially if washed in warm water. Additionally, cotton clothes generally wrinkle easily. Although technology has progressed and some cotton-weaving methods reduce or eliminate the need for ironing.




To wrap it up we recommend cotton and think you should consider it as well. Again, most of our t-shirts and all of our hats are 100% cotton. All of our products, without a doubt, are made in the USA



Co-owner of Ammonoosuc Goods 



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