15 Things You May Not Know About New Hampshire

New Hampshire Map

  • The second highest wind speed ever recorded on ground level was at Mt. Washington on April 12, 1934, measuring 231 miles per hour.
    • NH is the only state to have ever hosted a peace agreement for a foreign war. This event ended the Russo-Japanese War.
    • The first potato planted in the US was in Londonderry, NH.
    • The first American to travel into space was from East Derry, NH. His name was Alan Shepard Jr.
    • NH was the first State to declare its independence from England, 6 months before the Declaration of Independence.
    • NH is home of the first known reported Alien kidnapping. A state historical marker now marks the spot.
    • NH is the only state to not have a law for seat belts and motorcycle helmets.
    • The Country's longest running lottery is in NH.
    • The snowmobile was invented in Ossipee, NH.
    • In NH it is against the law to sell the clothes you are wearing to settle a gambling debt.
    • Cannon Mountain in NH is home to the first passenger tramway in North America.
    • The state fruit of NH is the pumpkin.
    • The first alarm clock was invented in NH in 1787
    • The film “Jumanji” was filmed in Keene, NH
    • NH’s state insect is the ladybug



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