The Almanac

  • The Twin States Design

    The Twin States design started life as an idea to properly represent our primary inspiration for the brand. That being the multiple covered bridges in our area and the key inspiration for Ammonoosuc Goods. We also requested that the design honor the time-tested bond between the State of New Hampshire and Vermont. For those that are not from the area, the jaunt to Vermont is similar to a drive to a neighboring town. Communities on both sides of the Connecticut River share many values and ideals.
  • New Product - Lupines by the Lake T-shirt

    Lupines By The Lake was designed in collaboration with Susan Frace at Hillside Hives in Woodsville, NH to reflect upon the amazing and inspiring f...
  • New Product - The "White Summit" Long Sleeve Shirt

    Winter in New England, specifically New Hampshire is a time like no other. Weather is unpredictable from snow to ice or high winds. Despite these extremes in weather, the already incredible scenery receives a unique look with a fresh layer of white snow. One such landmark stands above the rest and perfectly represents the diversity of Winter conditions. Mount Washington, home of the world's most erratic weather. 
  • Coming Soon - The "White Summit" Shirt

    For our winter shirt design, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to do something outside the box. As a result, we have created our best shirt yet in collaboration with @603Stix. The “White Summit” t-shirt shows off the incredible landmark that is Mount Washington on the back. For those that may be unfamiliar with the tallest peak in New Hampshire, we put the trail sign on the front as a reminder. Be on the lookout for this new and exciting long-sleeved shirt, coming soon.
  • Our First Year of Business

    On December 28, 2018, my brother Joseph and I started Ammonoosuc Goods. If you are unfamiliar with our story read about it HERE. Over the course of one year, we have grown tremendously. Both in our business and personal lives. If you ever want to challenge yourself, consider starting a business. Business forces you to wear many metaphorical hats. In a single day, you could be designing your next hit product, taking product photography, and balancing your checkbook. The possibilities are nearly endless and requires an individual that is willing to learn and be flexible.
  • The Importance of Shopping Small this Holiday Season

    In the U.S., small businesses are the backbone of local economies. For the last decade, they have provided a majority of the jobs and have positively impacted job growth in America. Small businesses directly impact their local economies by reinvesting within the region. In this entry of the Almanac we will highlight some of the many reasons why shopping small is important this Holiday Season and year round! 
  • 2019 Holiday Season Sale Preview

    We know that the holiday shopping season can be hectic and stressful for some. That's why here at Ammonoosuc Goods we are filling you in early on our upcoming sale. Starting on Black Friday and running through Cyber Monday. During this sale, we will be offering free shipping on all orders over $25. Additionally, all items in our sale collection will be marked down 10% on top of existing offers. Finally, every order placed during our sale will be entered into a giveaway to win $25 store credit. Happy hunting and Happy Holidays.
  • A Telltale New England Fall Day - "The Autumn Fog T-Shirt"

    For our next seasonal t-shirt, we circled back to the great state of New Hampshire. During the hunt for an image that represents a telltale New England Fall day, we found Aleksander Petakov’s photography. Aleks is a photographer and filmmaker that currently lives in New Hampshire. He is an avid hiker that recently just completed NH’s 48, 4,000-foot mountains. Aleks can be found sharing incredible photos of New England on his Instagram page HERE.

  • History of the T-Shirt

    Today the t-shirt is an iconic piece of the American wardrobe. The design itself is not as old as you may think. The word t-shirt officially entered the Webster Dictionary in 1920. Today you can find the t-shirt on the backs of just about everyone. In this article you will discover how the t-shirt became a popular staple in almost every subculture of clothing.

  • Characteristics of Cotton T-Shirts

    Cotton is the most used fiber in the United States and chances are it fills your drawers and closets. This natural material is the primary fiber in most jeans, t-shirts, hats, and undergarments. Despite the adage “cotton kills,” it has many benefits. Although nothing is perfect, here is why we still choose to work with it. 

  • How to Care for a Screen Printed T-Shirt

    Here’s the situation; you just purchased a high quality, screen-printed t-shirt and you want the graphic to stay vibrant as long as possible. We understand, you just want to protect your investment. In the following article, we will layout a few tips and tricks on how to properly care for your recent purchase.  

  • Working with a Mainer - "The Sunset T-Shirt"

    For our second collaborative t-shirt, we sought inspiration from the great state of Maine, our neighbors to the East. During the hunt for what we consider to be the perfect image that represents summer, we found Ethan Eisenhaur. Ethan is a Mainer and like most of his breed, he enjoys the outdoors. So much so that he wanted to share his passion through photography. Ethan can be found sharing epic photos of the outdoors on his Instagram page HERE.