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The Foundation

Though we might still be a young company, we truly believe that what sets our company apart from the rest of the apparel industry and what helps us produce the highest quality products for our customers are our company beliefs. Those being…

#1 - Our goods are made in the USA. To us, this is the most important part. We are not the kind of people that believe America is the end all, be all but we do believe in supporting those who earn a fair wage and work sweatshop free.

#2 - We want to create quality goods. The kind of goods that last and are timeless. You know the kind of item you found in your grandpa’s closet that you cannot wait to inherit some day.

#3 - Local comes first. We get most of our inspiration from the area we know best. The area we both grew up in and still choose to call home. That’s why we prefer to source our items locally.

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